Goals and claims

Increasing the resettlement quota

Since 2008, a lot has been achieved. Germany admits 500 resettlement refugees each year. Furthermore, a safe entry into Germany was rendered possible for 20,000 Syrian refugees from Lebanon through the humanitarian admission program. However, in view of the big number of refugees worldwide (altogether 50 million), this is only a drop in the ocean.

Therefore, Save Me advocates an increase of the quota of resettlement refugees so that there is the possibility of a generous admission from current crisis regions. Germany ranks among the last of the resettlement countries worldwide. The U.S., for example, admits 53,053 refugees each year under the resettlement program, while Germany only admits 300 resettlement refugees per year (500 as of 2015).

Moreover, the selection of the refugees should not be based on the interests of the resettlement country but on the protection needs of the refugees.


Improving the general conditions for resettlement refugees

Save Me requests improved general conditions for admitted resettlement refugees.

This includes the legal recognition of their refugee status together with the rights related thereto, such as free choice of domicile, easier family reunion as well as the right to obtain a refugee travel document. In contrast to recognized refugees, resettlement refugees are obliged to stay in the federal state assigned to them upon arrival as long as they do not have a job. Therefore, the refugee status and the rights related thereto are our central claims. It is not comprehensible that Germany admits refugees based on their recognition as refugees by the UNHCR but at the same time denies them the refugee status. Recently, a new law has taken effect that extends the rights of resettlement refugees as to family reunification. With this new law in force, their nuclear family is allowed to immigrate to Germany as well. Save Me appreciates this amendment. However, the law does not satisfy all claims, and resettlement refugees unfortunately still cannot obtain a refugee travel document according to Section 28 of the 1951 Refugee Convention.

Save Me also advocates the development of the necessary migration policy-related structures as integration is the central idea of resettlement. This includes the acquisition of the German language and assistance by the migration services but also the possibility to develop prospects for a future in Germany. This goes hand in hand with offering appropriate housing for refugees. Special attention shall be given to protecting the best interest of children.