Fields of activity


Save Me Munich assumes the following functions:

  • Preparation of the arrival of resettlers
  • Assistance for the refugees after their arrival
  • Support regarding family reunification and legal matters
  • Political work (with governments and governmental agencies at municipal and federal level)
  • Documentation of the resettlement procedure
  • Coordination of volunteers and mentors
  • Public relations
  • Training and networking


Target group

The target group of Save Me are resettlement refugees, mentors, volunteers, municipalities and political decision makers.



The goal of Save Me is assisting the refugees with their first steps here, making this group of refugees known to the public and building resettlement structures locally as well as nationwide.

Therefore, the campaign is increasingly advocating an improvement of the resettlement structures in Germany. The regular exchange with the Munich Housing and Migration Office, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and the Ministry of the Interior aims at drawing attention to individual cases, raising the awareness of the authorities for difficulties and looking for alternatives that can provide for an enhanced admission of resettlement refugees. Round tables and conferences help identifying critical areas and finding solutions so that future resettlement refugees will have an easier start.

The last year showed that there are still difficulties regarding the communication between the municipalities in Bavaria and the Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs. This has, in particular, been revealed during the admission of Syrian quota refugees. Therefore, the exchange in Bavaria shall be further improved in 2017. Only if the municipalities start networking and approach the Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs collectively, it is possible to appear in a stronger way.



The work of Save Me aims at facilitating the first steps of the refugees in Munich as well as their integration. Experience has shown that refugees who are assisted by mentors learn the German language faster, feel more welcome and have a more positive attitude towards Germany in comparison with refugees without mentors. As the situation of resettlement refugees is not as dramatic as for asylum seekers and persons whose deportation has been suspended, mentorships offer an easy start in this topic. The priority is the exchange and contact with the refugees, not deportation and trauma. As participating in the campaign is not very difficult, many pupils, students and young professionals come in touch with this topic, while their involvement makes it better known among their friends and acquaintances. For many mentors, the work for Save Me is their first contact with the topic of refugees. Upon completion of the mentorship, many of them continue volunteering in this area, for example in an accommodation center for refugees.